AltRider Clutch Side Engine Case Cover KTM 1050 1090 1190 Adventure / R + 1290SA

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High-quality  clutch side engine case cover by ALTRIDER, suitable for the below-mentioned... more
Product information "AltRider Clutch Side Engine Case Cover KTM 1050 1090 1190 Adventure / R + 1290SA"

High-quality clutch side engine case cover by ALTRIDER, suitable for the below-mentioned KTM Adventure models.

The OEM engine case on the KTM Adventure/R and SA models is made from a thin-walled cast aluminum. This choice helps to save overall weight, but also creates a weak point on a vital piece of the engine. If the KTM Adventure/R and SA models are laid down on their right sides, there is a real danger of the engine case becoming damaged by large debris or even from the brake lever tip bending into it, potentially bursting into the case. Compared to several competitor options made from molded plastic, ALTRIDER created an engine case cover made from a single piece of 3.2 mm aluminum. This exceptionally strong 6061-TG6 aluminum alloy has a tensile strength of at least 42,000 psi (300 MPa) and yield strength of at least 35,000 psi 241 MPa. Rubber backers spread the load of impact, as well as allow the cover to maintain a low profile. Flush stainless steel fasteners and a deburred product prevent scuffing up the rider's boots and pants.

The design of the case cover also incorporates the ingenuity of the ALTRIDER Brake Lever Shield, preventing unwanted and unexpected early braking. The close design of the OEM brake lever creates early interference with the rider's boot during braking. This is unique to the KTM Adventure/R and SA models as KTM worked hard to make the large displacement engine still feel narrow, which in turn provided little options for routing the rear brake lever. The lever arm extends into the rider boot area above the brake tip, thus creating earlier-than-expected braking. An outward flange on the ALTRIDER Engine Case Cover prevents accidental engagement of the brake arm while still providing a surface to properly hug the bike with the boot, all without interrupting any feel or ergonomics.


  • ALTRIDER motorcycle accessories are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Protects engine case from damage caused by debris or rear brake lever
  • Prevents accidental engagement of rear brake
  • Easy installation with flush mount hardware 
  • Deburred to prevent snagged or caught clothing
  • Made of 3.2 mm (1/8 in.) aluminum
  • Available in black and orange (please select from above)
  • Suitable for KTM 1050 1090 1190 Adventure/R and 1290 SA
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