Hiflo Oil Filter Fantic Gasgas Husqvarna Yamaha

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  • HF140
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Premium motorcycle o il filter by HIFLO, suitable for the below-mentioned models.... more
Product information "Hiflo Oil Filter Fantic Gasgas Husqvarna Yamaha"

Premium motorcycle oil filter by HIFLO, suitable for the below-mentioned models.

Exclusively made of high-quality materials, HIFLO's premium oil filters provide optimal benefit for the customers.

All HIFLO filters are tested and certified in accordance with the respective original manufacturers' ones. Thus, it is guaranteed that the HIFLO filters comply with all the OEM's quality demands.

HIFLO offers the largest product range on the market regarding filters for motorcycles and ATVs.

Suitable for:


  • 250 Caballero TF ES                2011-2013

Gas Gas 

  • EC250 F 4T                               2012-2013
  • EC250 F Six Days                     2012


  • SMR125 4T                               2012
  • SMS4 125 4T                            2011-2013
  • TE125 4T                                   2011-2013


  • MT125 (ABS)5D7                                                          2015
  • YZF-R125                                                                       2015
  • WR250 F-F3GB                                                              2015
  • WR250 F-Y,Z,A,B,D,E5UM,1HB,1HC                           2009-2014
  • WR250 R-Y,Z,A,B,D,E,F32D1/5/B                                2009-2015
  • WR250 X-Y,Z,A,B,D,E,F32D2/6/C                                2009-2015
  • XT250 Y,YC,Z,ZC,A,AC,B,BC,D,DC,E,EC,F,FC,G,GC    2009-2016
  • YBR2505D1                                                                   2008-2012
  • YZ250 F-E,F                                                                   2014-2015
  • YZ250 F-Y,Z,A,B,D                                                        2009-2013
  • YZ250 FX                                                                       2015
  • WR450 F-Y,Z,A,B,D,E.F5TJ,1HB,1DX                          2009-2015
  • YZ450 F-E,F,G1SL                                                         2014-2016
  • YZ450 F-G 60th Anniversary Edition                        2016
  • YZ450 F-Y34P                                                               2009
  • YZ450 F-Z,A,B,D33D                                                    2010-2013

Important notice regarding the disposal of waste oils

German retailers are bound by law to inform their customers as follows regarding the Ordinance on Waste Oils:

Any used oils must be handed over to a respective point of acceptance, as an improper disposal of waste oils may lead to serious pollution of the environment. Any intermixture of oil with foreign substances such as dissolvents, brake or cooling liquids is strictly prohibited. If you are a private customer, you are entitled to return to us free of charge any waste oils in accordance with the amount originally purchased from us or less. The same applies for any used oil filters and/or any oil-bearing waste resulting from an oil change. Please note that this kind of waste counts as dangerous goods - it is therefore essential to use leak-proof packaging when dispatching these goods and to strictly adhere to any regulations imposed by the forwarder in charge. For further information regarding the disposal of the above-mentioned goods, please contact us beforehand: offroad-kontor.de – Jens Scharphuis, Pionierweg 34, 22926 Ahrensburg, GERMANY, Tel.: +49-4102-2054887, Fax : +49-04102-2054888, email: info@offroad-kontor.de.

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