KRIEGA 10-Year Guarantee

The KRIEGA 10-Year Guarantee - FAQ’s

  • When is the guarantee valid from?

 - The guarantee is valid from the original date of purchase.

  • Who is covered?

- The original purchaser/owner of the product. 

  • What does the guarantee cover?

- The guarantee covers defects in material and/or construction to include seams, seam tape, zips, stitching and construction materials.

  • What is not covered by the guarantee?

- The guarantee does not cover damage due to (fair) wear and tear, crash damage, accidental damage, rips, tears, abrasion, chemical  or fuel damage, UV degradation, misuse or neglect.

  • What is considered as (fair) wear and tear?

- (Fair) wear and tear refers to the reasonable and practical expected life span of the product in use. If something is extensively used it  may naturally wear out and that may happen before the end of the guarantee period.