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Kriega OS-Cam Straps Kriega OS-Cam Straps
Set of two high-quality, length adjustable synthetical straps by KRIEGA. Specifically designed for fixing luggage pieces such as roll-top bags, tents etc. to KRIEGA'S OS-Rack Loops and/or KRIEGA's OS-32 Soft Panniers (both available...
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AltRider SYNCH Dry Bag Traveling Bag AltRider SYNCH Dry Bag Traveling Bag
High-quality, waterproof saddlebag by ALTRIDER, available in various colours and sizes (see below). Each bag has a fully tape-seam sealed, D-shaped body construction made of 18oz vinyl coated fabric (“Truckers Tarp”). The SYNCH bags are...
€106.90 *
Kriega Heavy-duty Pack Liners Kriega Heavy-duty Pack Liners
High-quality, 100% waterproof roll-top liner by KRIEGA, available in 3 different sizes. Ideal for keeping any luggage dry and dust-free. Specifications 100% waterproof storage For use in backpacks or as stand-alone bag Heavy-duty taped...
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ENDURISTAN Seamgrip Adhesive ENDURISTAN Seamgrip Adhesive
Set with 2 tubes of mending glue by ENDURISTAN, ideal for repairing or sealing almost any bike riding equipment made of soft synthetic material. Suitable for: All ENDURISTAN luggage bags Therm-A-Rest® mats Tents Rucksacks Rain gear...
€8.90 *
Enduristan Luggage Repair Kit Enduristan Luggage Repair Kit
ENDURISTAN's luggage bags are made of the toughest, most high-quality materials on the market. However, in case of a crash, the luggage may still suffer some damage. This luggage repair kit contains all the necessary items to fix minor...
€16.90 *
Enduristan XS 12 Base Pack Enduristan XS 12 Base Pack
Compact-sized bag by ENDURISTAN, made of tough, high-quality synthetic material. Specifically designed to enlarge the luggage volume by adding one or more of these practical bags to the ENDURISTAN Monsoon or Tornado bags or to any other...
€74.90 *
Enduristan Deluxe Shoulder Strap Enduristan Deluxe Shoulder Strap
Carrying heavy bags has never been as comfortable as by using the ENDURISTAN Deluxe Shoulder Strap. With its breathable 3-layer pad and uniquely angled design, the Strap distributes any pressure over a wide area, thus significantly...
€21.90 *
Enduristan Tornado 2 Pack Sack Enduristan Tornado 2 Pack Sack
Spacious luggage bag by ENDURISTAN, made of high-quality, waterproof synthetic material. With two rows of fixed cargo loops to accommodate the ROK® straps, ENDURISTAN's Tornado 2 Pack Sack does not only offer substantial luggage space,...
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