Payment / Dispatch

Shipping & Returns


Dispatch - Germany

Insured package – up to 31,5 kg: EUR 4,95 all inclusive

Shipping free from EUR 150,-- 

Dispatch abroad

When dispatching abroad, we exclusively deliver our goods to European foreign countries and against payment in advance or paypal, if provided.

Note: By using SEPA remittances for payments made within the EU including the IBAN/BIC code (see below), the customer only has to pay a marginal fee, respectively no fee at all.

In general, our forwarding rates for deliveries to European countries are as follows:

Insured package – up to 5 kg: EUR 18,50
Insured package – exceeding 5 up to 10 kg: EUR 24,00
Insured package – exceeding 10 up to 20 kg: EUR 34,50

Our bank details are as follows:

Jens Scharphuis
VR Bank Lahn-Dill
IBAN DE58 5176 2434 0016 1998 00