Motul Nettoyant pour Moteur 200ml

Motul Nettoyant pour Moteur 200ml
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Premium-quality, highly effective cleaner by MOTUL, suitable for all four-stroke
Informations sur le produit "Motul Nettoyant pour Moteur 200ml"

Premium-quality, highly effective cleaner by MOTUL, suitable for all four-stroke cycle engines.

In addition to cleaning the regular engine parts, MOTUL Engine Clean ensures the removal of any kinds of residues from problem areas such as circular orifices and compression rings. The careful cleaning process provided by MOTUL Engine Clean leads to a substantially improved and more consistent compression regarding all cylinders. In combination with the new engine oil, an optimum and powerful engine performance is guaranteed. Featuring low emission values, MOTUL Engine Clean helps protecting the environment, at the same time increasing the durability of the catalytic converter.


  • 200ml can
  • Thoroughly removing all kinds of residues and operational soiling regarding the complete lubrication circuit
  • Neutralising any aggressive combustion particles
  • Any dirt dissolved by this liquid is removed from the engine by way of a customary oil change
  • Highly effective lubricants ensure a reliable engine protection during the cleaning process
  • Helps reducing oil consumption and wear and tear

Price per 100 ml: EUR 8.45

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